Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore

medical practioner

10. Commodities Derivatives Broker @ RM42,967 per month

stock broker

As a Singaporean commodity broker, you will be buying and selling goods like grains, oil and coffee. On the other hand, a commodities derivatives broker trades in assets like shares and bonds. Usually financial clearing houses and investment banks employ commodities derivatives brokers. On the side, you could make little cash from big clients, and incentive commissions on huge deals from your company.

9. Company Director @ RM50,701 per month

company directors

Most big companies usually have more than one directors who sit on the board to design and execute the company’s corporate policy, including deciding the monthly salary of each employee including themselves. Whether voted or appointed to the board of directors, the average monthly wage of a director in Singapore is RM50,701, and that is quite a handsome amount.

8. General Practitioner/Physician @ RM53,910 per month


Just like in other parts of the world, being a Physician in Singapore is a noble profession as well as a good paying one. A professional Physician, having completed a minimum of five years of undergraduate study and is accredited with the relevant bodies, is licensed to practice in a health care clinic or organization and can earn as high as S$12,547 every month.

7. Chief Operating Officer/General Manager @ RM56,437 per month


As a chief operating officer (COO), and second in command to the CEO, you are in-charge of day-to-day operations which includes managing profits and costs of the organization and overseeing most of the firm’s marketing and sales functions. This position is tasking and benefiting as well in terms of reputation and financial coverage.

6. University Lecturer @ RM58,796 per month

singapore lecturer

A Lecturer in Singapore is an academic rank and not just any person who gives lectures or other public speeches in a University. The educational system in Singapore is quite standard and lecturers’ bills are well taken care of, since a pre-requisite for getting the job, requires the individual obtaining a Masters degree first.

5. Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director @ RM77,177 per month

singapore ceo

The CEO is the head of a company, probably the founder or owner who makes all the decisions and takes most of the risks. Every one in the company answers to the CEO. The pay structure of the CEO varies in the organization and is dependent on the size, but what ever it is, the CEO is the highest earning individual in any company.

4. Advocate / Solicitor @ RM78,771 per month

lawyers malaysia

In Singapore, lawyers are part of a fused profession, where they perform duties of either advocate or solicitor. Lawyers who are neither advocates nor solicitors take home much less than advocates and solicitors.

3. Specialist Medical Practitioner  @ RM99,189 per month

medical practioner

Specialist medical practitioners are higher in the health ranking than physicians and so they earn higher. To become specialized in a field of study, a long period of time and huge money have been spent and after medical school, specialists undergo a multi-year residency in their chosen field before registering as specialists. And due to all this complexity and the cumbersome nature of the job, an average Specialist Medical Practitioner in Singapore earns nothing less than RM99,189 in a month.

2. Minister @ RM393,861 per month

minister singapore

In Singapore, a minister’s salary is around four times that of a specialist medical practitioner. They earn a whopping amount not because their job is more tasking but because it involves politics and the affair of the country. One way to become a minister in Singapore is to join the army, navy or air force. Most of Singapore’s ministers are from the military.

1.  Prime Minister @ RM787,726 per month

singapore prime minister

Surprisingly but true, the current Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, earns more than the President of the United States of America. He was a Brigadier General in the Singapore Army and is the highest-paid political leader in the world. This ranking is based on the Ministry of Manpower’s occupational wage table. To secure any of the first two spots of best paying jobs in Singapore, joining the Armed forces is required. But if you are unsuccessful with that, you can make a wise pick from the other professions on this list that fits into your resume. However, whatever it is you find yourself doing at the end of the day, make the best of it and save every single dime possible – practice this tip now and thank me later.

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