Top 10 Countries with the Worst Taxi Drivers

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Moscow Drivers 

moscow taxi drivers

In Moscow, drivers can be inconvenient, but they are at least generally inexpensive and honest. Availability is not always the best and it can be really hard to find vehicles in some areas of Moscow. Many illegal cars are driving around in Moscow and trying to get your business, which you should avoid to any price.

Shanghai Drivers

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In China, you’d better have your destination written down on paper in Chinese, otherwise you are never going to find the destination that you seek.

Cairo Drivers

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In Cairo, Egypt, drivers are known for following people around and stalking them trying to get more business.

Zurich Drivers

zurich taxi drivers

The next place on the list is Zurich. English is not always spoken, and Zurich minicabs are often quite expensive. Unless your destination is a very well known destination such as the airport or a very large hotel, come prepared with your own directions or hope that the driver has a GPS.

Mumbai Drivers

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Next comes India, but not because Indian minicabs are scarce. The Indian drivers will actually fight over your business, which is really not a good sign. On the negative side is the safety, which is not always the best in Mumbai. Many old cars don’t have seatbelts.

Drivers in New York

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Although New York minicabs are regarded for being cost effective and generally friendly, many drivers do not actually know the area and so the fare can be a lot more than what you expected.

Drivers in Paris 

taxi paris

Paris France is another tricky city, because Parisian drivers are known for being rude and difficult at times. If you speak French, it’s obviously much easier to get around in the French capital. If not, it’s advised to print out your address on a piece of paper.

Drivers in Bangkok, Thailand

thailand taxi drivers

Although many consider Bangkok, Thailand to have some of the best minicab drivers in the world, there are many drivers and tuk-tuk drivers that do not know the way. Some travellers expect that they get lost on purpose for a larger fare, but the truth is that many drivers in Bangkok are out of work farmers simply trying to make some extra money.

Drivers in Rome

Taxi in waiting for passanders near Colosseum. Rome. Italy.

Rome comes next, and the biggest reason for this is because most people cannot even find a vehicle available in Rome. Cars are scarce and the drivers are often rude and difficult to deal with. If it’s raining, expect to pay double or triple the price for a vehicle in Rome.

Drivers in Kuala Lumpur

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Drivers from Kuala Lumpur are well known for overcharging clients and detouring. Even though they are supposed to charge by the meter, many drivers refuse from doing so. The best advice is to simply wait for another vehicle if the driver resists from using the taximeter. Cars in Kuala Lumpur can often be rather old and in poor condition.

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