To the young man who took his life at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

taylor's university

I dont know you. I dont know your name, your age or what course you were doing. I dont know what problems you were facing, what struggles you had or what demons you were battling.

However, I know this. I know that your death affected me far more than I expected it to. You made me realise that the people I meet everyday in the lifts, in the restaurants, in the library are all fighting a battle within and it’s important that they know and understand that whoever they are, they are not alone in this.

You made me realise that I have the power to make or break someone’s day merely through words. I cant help feel if someone, anyone had gotten to you even if just minutes before you made such a decision, you might have walked away from the railing.

To all the students, please guys, talk to those who are going through stressful times. If you yourself are going through issues, please talk to someone..anyone..even a complete stranger. Strangers are sometimes the best listeners because they wouldn’t judge you.

To the young man who jumped, you sir, have guts. Many may disagree and say why werent you brave enough to face your problems. However, to walk all the way to that height, get up and to actually jump. That takes guts. And alot of it. To watch the concrete pavement get closer and closer, that takes guts.

I hope that you find peace, wherever you may be. And I hope you know that the very world in which you could not find peace in, the very world that you felt alone in, the very world that left you to make such a choice, that world is now grieving for you.

That world is deeply and truly sad and we hope that wherever you are, may you rest in peace.

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