To my friends and loved ones going to Bersih 4

bersih 4-compressed
You’ve probably heard by now that the police might use stun guns/tasers. Please be aware.

Fully clothing yourself will NOT stop the effects of a stun gun or taser. The voltage is high enough that your shirt will NOT provide enough resistance. If you’re afraid or want to be safe, either

stun gun cops

1. Make sure your clothes are at least 2 inches thick (not possible under that hot sun)
2. Buy and wear a raincoat (those cheap, light, transparent ones might work). Just make sure it is rubberized, and not too easily pierced by barbs. Plastic might work, since it is also a non-conductor.
3. Wear a thick leather jacket.
4. Run. Really. It’s not easy to aim at and hit a moving target with a normal pistol, whatmore a stun gun/taser that has a much more limited range and much slower discharge speeds. Your chances of avoiding being hit if you run is pretty darn high.

Be safe. Be brave. In the end, we’ll stun them into silence with our solidarity instead. #Bersih

Written By: Victor Goh

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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