TM Will Only Start Fixing Slow Internet Speed on March 25

Slow Internet until March 31 2016
Telekom Malaysia made an announcement saying that, they will only start work on fixing the slow Internet connection to the United States will only start on March 25 and will be completed on March 31, if it doesn’t face bad weather or unexpected issues.

“We wish to highlight that the restoration works will be subject to weather and sea conditions, identification of the actual location of the fault and the challenges ahead – working at great sea depths and pressure”, stressed TM

“ASE consists of six fiber pairs of which TM owns two fiber pairs, named Cahaya Malaysia.

“We have immediately taken proactive steps by optimising our networks to reduce congestion and diverting traffic to alternative routes, thus, minimising the impact to our users,” it said.


The slow internet however, only affects websites that are hosted in servers based in the US, Europe or North Asia. Sites that are hosted in this region should not be affected.

It also appears that only TM is facing this problem at the moment, as Maxis and Digi have said that they are not affected by the issue.

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