Tips for the boys! Five great ways to have a great conversation with a woman.


These are for the boys. Let’s say you meet up with a girl and you guys started talking, getting to know each other. It was fun at first and then the topic dies off. It is going to be awkward. So here is five tips to continue having a great conversation with a woman.


1. “What do you usually do in [where ever she is currently living or was living].” 


Well, this gives her the chance to talk more about herself and you may get some tips on what to do for your second date (assuming you do).



2. “What do you do when you are not . . . “.


Okay, guys, fill in the blanks here. Example: Studying, sleeping at the middle of the night, working and so on.


3. “You have an amazing voice, do you…”.


Make sure it doesn’t sound sexual. Just try to complement her a little. Chances are, she might love singing, and you guys can talk about it. Or another example, “You have long fingers, do you play the piano?” and so on. Be creative.



4. “Let’s just say that science and me don’t see eye to eye.”.


Yes, complementing her and be humble about yourself.  Put yourself down a little and try to get her to talk, to explain to you how things work.



5. “Have you read the latest news regarding . . .”.


Yes. Latest news. Current events is a great conversation topic. Ask her opinion about it. But try to avoid the sensitive topics and also no winners topic like politics.



Source by Alicia Marie of Men’s Health.

Written by FunnyMalaysia.NET

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