Three friends mugged and beaten at Ara Damansara

ara damansara mugged
PETALING JAYA: Three friends were mugged and one of them was severely beaten by four robbers on Saturday early morning after their car broke down in Ara Damansara.
The robbers were armed with taser guns and motorcycle locks. One of the victim, Fiqa Liya Chong,25, said that their car that they were travelling stalled after they drove out of a shopping centre after having their supper.
Fiqa Liya Chong stayed in the car while her two male friends waited outside for a tow truck. At about 3am, four armed men wearing motorcycle helmets rode up to them and threaten them with taser guns and swigging motorcycle locks.
“It all happened very fast. We emptied our pockets and gave them our phones and wallets.

“A car passed us and my friend asked for help. But they just looked and drove away.

“He shouted to three or four cars but no one came to help,” she said, adding that one of the robbers used a motorcycle lock to hit her friend on the head and left hand.
The robbers grew scared and rode off after a car finally made a turn back to help the victims. Chong’s friend received 17 stitches after the beating.
Police are now trying to identify the suspects as we speak.

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