This new property agent scam in Malaysia is becoming a thing

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Nowadays, many Malaysians are getting into the property line as a property agent and at the same time many new property agencies are also being formed.

But, not all of the property agencies are legit.

Recently, a Facebook user by the name of Stephanie Lee III posted a public complaint towards her former company stating that she has regretted working with her former employers from the three different companies known as CHESTER MARKETING, 123PROPERTIES and PILLAI REALTY.

The public complaint made by Stephanie:

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In the photos attached below, you can see that her questions about her long due salary were continuously avoided by the guy.

salary 1

salary 2

salary 3

Also, the former company was falsely using her name and personal information without her prior knowledge

The following are the photos she had screenshot as evidence to her case.


That’s right! They used her details to purchase some services from Exabytes and they also want to make her to pay for it

image7 image1 image2 image4 image5 image6

She also warns her friends, family and the public to not be deceived by her former employers if any of them were to contact and hire you.

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