This Malaysian Guy’s Dream For Ramadan

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By: Mujahidin Zulkiffli

My dreams for Ramadhan.

1) For Muslims to embrace others to eat in front of them during fasting. In fact Muslims should join others during lunch and breakfast while remaining in their fast. Why miss out on all the interesting conversations taking place at the makan session? Great ideas are usually churned out of those sessions among friends and business partners so why let Ramadhan stop us from doing the same thing we do daily. We can’t eat but surely we are strong enough to fast and enjoy the conversations.

2) Non- Muslims to help Muslims gain more pahala by eating in front of us and not try to be politically correct or so-called “respecting Ramadhan” by hiding food from us. Seriously, according to our teachings, we would get more pahala if we embrace the challenge and test of seeing others eat. This is exactly why we fast, to feel how the poor feel when they see us eat whilst they suffer hunger. Anyhow, if we really want to fast, we will fast regardless. If we crumble at the sight of others eating then we ought to look within ourselves and find those strengths and ask ourselves why do we even fast? Is it because of our love for God? Or is it because of peer pressure? If it’s not purely for the love for God, we won’t get pahala doing it anyway so makanlah.

3) Shops to open, business as usual. Some of us say that non-Muslims don’t support our restaurants and eateries, that we depend only on Muslim customers. And then during Ramadhan you abandoned all non-Muslims that eat at your place by closing shop??? What you should do during Ramadhan is you open and reinvent your business to cater the non-Muslims. Can? If cannot then don’t complain they don’t come to your restaurants in the first place, you are the racist, not them.

4) Islamic Authorities to leave Muslims the fuck alone and let them fast or skip fast as they like. Kubur masing-masing, have you heard of that? If you force people to fast by punishing and humiliating, you only managed to instil fear and not sincerity. Muslims must fast sincerely, only then will God accept the deed. If it’s out of fear then it’s no longer an “amal”, it’s basically “lara” or pointless. Not to mention how many times Allah told In the Quran, “Oh Muhammad you’re not the manager of men” for He will punish all sinners on his own, so who are we to punish when Allah told Muhammad not to? Why do you insist on spreading fear of God rather than love for God?

5) For Muslims to NOT scold or warn or advice Non-Muslims to “respect Ramadhan”. Because we certainly didn’t bother when it was lent or Thaipusam or whenever others are fasting.

But I know I’ll wake up at Hari Raya knowing these are just dreams and too much to ask for.

P/S: share away if you want, no need to ask permission. I don’t fear any backlash from any hypocrites.

And Happy Fasting and a blessed Ramadhan to all.

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