This Malaysian guy explains how he lost 20kgs in 3 months

How I lost 20kgs in 3 months.

Since everyone is asking how, I’ll just write down what I’ve been doing the past 3 months that helped me shed the excess weight. First off, I weighed myself. Fat as fuck. BMI level obese. How the hell did you get this fat? Okay realise that you’re better than this and start working on it. I split my focus on 2 things, Food & Exercise.


1. Counted my calories. How? Download the app Myfitnesspal. Input your weight. Put in your target weight. 5 kgs less is a good start. Remember to keep updating your current weight as you progress. Learn how to use the damn thing.It’ll give you a daily caloric target to not exceed e.g. it gave me 1500 calories per day according to my BMI. Do not exceed that number. Log in daily EVERYTHING that goes through your mouth. Every single fucking piece of food that goes through your fat piehole. Water included. Remember to complete the entry every single day; the app will give you an approximate of how much you’d lose in a few weeks. Fucking motivating. At least someone believes in me. Okay. Overestimate your calories. No point if you’re logging in less than your consuming. Do a bit of Googling on the foods you eat you lazy earthworm. Also, don’t leave out condiments (sauces, dips, oils, etc.)


2. Cut out carbohydrates and sugars completely, with exceptions. I cut out all rice, bread, grain based foods from my daily intake. Why? Carbs turn to sugars, that turn to fat. So cut that motherfucker out. The only exception is Subway. I’ll get to that shortly. No sugars mean no soft drinks, no fruits, no sugar in anything. Why? Sugar increases your insulin level, which locks in the fat in your body, so your body can’t use it as a source of energy. What did I eat? Tuna, Cod, Dory, Chicken, Beef steaks, Minced Beef, vegetables. Only proteins and veggies. Go crazy on veggies, but careful with how you cook them. I boiled, baked, steamed, and sauteed with max 1 tbsp of olive oil. Start cooking yourself, that’s the only reliable way to gauge calories. Use a kitchen scale to weigh your food. Read the labels. Overestimate. Can’t cook? Start fucking learning from YouTube. Also try limiting fats, since you’re trying to burn the damn thing.

3. Portion Meals. I had 2 meals a day. That’s it. But I portioned it out, which means 2 meals meant 4 portions. I ate breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. Always made breakfast the night before, ate half of it on the way to work. You start appreciating traffic lights since that’s when you get the chance to have a bite. Ate the other half a brunch time or afternoon. Usually had Subway for lunch, split that 6 inch in half and ate the other half for dinner. 4 portions. If you’re feeling super hungry at night, eat sup sayur. Don’t forget to log in calories.


4. Subway. Best place to start eating healthier. Also easiest breakfast + brunch or lunch + dinner. Only have the Chicken Slice or Veggie Delite. Wheat bread. All veggies except pickles. Mustard and black pepper only, maybe olive oil. Nothing else. Mayo? Can’t. Thousand Island? Go fuck yourself. Mustard & Black Pepper only. Pretty affordable at RM7 per 6 inch if you ask me. Ask for extra veggies, it’ll fill you up. Subway is one of the exceptions I made for the no carbs rule. And no wrap. Here’s where you can count your sub calories:


5. Snacks. I get hunger pangs once in a while, so I try to eat snacks that were very low in calories. Veggies are a start i.e. broccoli etc. Very low in calories. Next is motherfucking chickpeas a.k.a kacang kuda. Best shit ever. Low calories and fills you up. You can only eat this on the days you that you run, that’s the rule. Banana’s on gym days (another sugar exception). Drinks? Green tea and black coffee, no sugar of course. Milo? Haven’t had Milo in 3 months. Coke light/zero is permissible once in a while, as a reward for kicking fats ass. You will get hungry. You will get tempted with that crispy chicken chop with fries. But you won’t eat it. You know why? Because you’re better than that. Look in the mirror and stay focused.

6. Supplements. I took Blackmores Multi-Vitamins and Minerals every day, right after getting out of bed. Why? Your body isn’t getting nutrition it’s used to, so you have to make sure its getting basic nutrition right. The Blackmore’s thing is a once-a-day dose, so it’s pretty convenient. If you don’t take this you’ll start losing hair and feeling tired. You’ll notice a difference of energy in the morning when you start taking it in the morning and will kick those fat cells in the ass. Also if you have Vitamin C, Fish Oil supplements, feel free to take those too. But multi-vitamins and minerals is a must. Here, this is what I take every morning…/multi-vitamins-and-minerals

7. Cheat Days. I don’t have cheat days, only cheat meals. Have that KFC you’ve been dreaming about. Even with that I carry forward my calories. For example, if Monday I ate 2000 calories, and I’m only supposed to eat 1500, that means Tuesday I can only eat 1000 calories. Get it? That’s my cheat day.


This shit is the hardest thing to do for me (even harder than resisting foods), but you have to do this. Counting calories can only take you so far, you have to get your body in shape so you KEEP losing. I alternated each day; one day jog, and one day gym. You can do bodyweight exercises everyday, no problem. Rest days are Sundays, that’s if you want rest days. Don’t have a gym membership, or can’t afford one? Easy, find a friend that stays in an apartment, go to his or her condo gym. It’s freeloading, but fuck it. That’s what I did.

1. Jog/Run. Start jogging. Half an hour each time minimum. Download the app Endomondo. This shit syncs with Myfitnesspal, so it automatically subtracts your calories burned from you total daily food intake. Easy. Don’t forget to keep updating your weight. Get those arm bands for your phone, and listen to music while you run. Stay focused. You see that fat aunty in front of you running?. Tell yourself fuck this, I’m gonna beat her. And beat her. Next target please.

Also download the app C25K. Learn how to use it. It’s an app that trains you to run 5km in 8 weeks. Use it. If you have trouble finishing the weekly program, repeat it again the following week till it becomes easy. You will get injured. Calf pains, knee pains, joint aches. Buy those elastic ankle, calf, knee, supports and run. No excuses. Use these 2 apps simultaneously when you run. Endomondo to track your run, and C25K to coach you.

2. Weights. Gym time. You need to do free weights and machines. Both. Machines are pretty straight forward, and usually have instructions written on them. Free weights you gotta learn that shit. YouTube is a good source. Just search ‘chest workout dumbbells 101’ and 99,982 822 matches comes up. No excuse. Learn major muscle groups; shoulders, triceps, biceps, core, back, chest, legs. Learn and apply. You finished college which means you can learn some new shit. Also girls, lift weights. You won’t become the next Arnold. Trust me, not enough testosterone. You’ll get toned. You NEED to do weights and machines to at least maintain if not grow your existing muscles. Running/jogging shrinks your muscles. Loss of muscle = loss of calorie burning ability = decreased metabolism = harder to lose weight as time goes on. Basic shit.

3. Bodyweight & Core Exercises. Lookup ‘Tabata’ on YouTube. Learn it. It’s a 4 minute workout. Do it twice a day, once you wake up, once before bed. Pushups and squats are great starter body weight exercise. Research online on various others you spoon fed motherfucker. Do them. Core muscles are your muscles at the middle portion of your body. Think abs. Crunches, leg raises are good start. Lower back exercises is a must, you need it if you’re lifting weights. Dips. Get those stretchy body bands. Learn how to use them. Bodyweight and core exercises you can do every day, unlike running and gym. All you need is space. And weight. And you have both since you’re fat.


Well here is an example of my daily routine, if you’d like to follow. Gotta be pretty disciplined and focused, because you got to stay on track no matter what.

9:00 PM: Cook breakfast + brunch for the next day. Example of my breakfast:
200g Minced Beef – 372 calories (sautéed in non-stick)
100g Onions – 72 calories (sautéed in non-stick)
Cili Padi
200g Broccoli – 68 calories (boiled in salted water)
255g Canned Chickpeas – 232 calories (dry roast on dry pan) (snack)
Total Calories: 744 calories. That’s half of my daily intake.

8:00AM – 9:00 AM: Bodyweight exercise. Eat half of prepared meal. Usually I eat on the way to work, in the traffic. Appreciate traffic lights now, since that’s when I can wolf down a bite.

11:00AM – 1:00PM: Eat the other half. Snack on chickpeas through the day

2:00PM – 5:00PM: Subway time. Chicken Slice on Wheat. Mustard and pepper only. Around 450 calories. Eat half of it. If you can cook even better. If Subway not an option, normal restaurants are okay, just watch out for carbs and oily veggie dishes.

5:30PM – 7:00PM: Run/Gym time. Run minimum 30 minutes. Gym minimum 1 hour. If you’re not maxed out at the end, you’re not doing enough.

7:30PM-9:00 PM: Other half of Subway. If still hungry as fuck, sup sayur.

9:00PM – 11:00PM: Cook for next day. Do bodyweight/tabata exercise, e.g. 100x squats & 100 pushups. Sleep. Repeat.

Well that’s it. Do this and you’ll lose around 5kgs or more the first month. Easy. The hardest thing would be to fight the temptations (KFC, I’m talking about you) and getting over the pain of exercising. You will get hurt when exercising, push through it. You will feel pain, push through it. You will feel tired, push through it. You will feel tempted, push through it. You will feel hungry, push through it. Fuck it because you are No.1. I hope this helps some people out there, because it has helped me. Still far off from my goal, but a start is better off than not starting at all.

P.S This is for losing weight, in no way is it a healthy way to be living your life. Once down to a more manageable size and weight, introduce carbs back into your routine. It’ll help with the training and running. Clean carbs tho. Don’t know what those are? Google is your best friend. Also remember, its 70% diet and 30% exercise. No matter how hard you work, it won’t happen unless you watch your food intake.

By: Aftaz Anwar

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