This Malaysian girl explains why many girls are single


1. Assertiveness

You guys are not assertive enough. Stop complaining about being “friendzoned” or “forever alone” and just ask the girl out already.

2. You cannot find the right balance between tradition and modernity

If you expect your girls to be meek and “typically” feminine, then you need to man the hell up. Stop being so passive-aggressive and post vague FB updates whenever you think we flicked our hair at you wrongly.

3. Too race-oriented

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Several times dates went nowhere because the guy was too fixated on the fact that I’m lain2 or not “fully Malaysian”. It’s fucking ridiculous. If you’re going to let something as silly as race get in the way then have fun being stuck in a self-made box.

4. Carrying women’s purses

For fuck’s sake. Don’t be such a pussy and make her carry her own crap. If it weighs a ton then she shouldn’t have brought the kitchen sink along in the first place. Ok, maybe that’s not 100% relevant to the topic, but it irritates me when I see guys become so pussy whipped the second they get into a relationship.

5. Drama

You guys are more dramatic than Malaysian women when it comes to relationships. Don’t know if it was because of location or timing or luck or what, but every guy I’ve ever expressed an interest in is/was usually more mengada than I am/was.

6. Dress code

Here’s a tip. We girls want to have eye-candies to admire in public too. Even if we don’t act on it and approach the guy, we’d love to see well-dressed, handsome guys walk the streets (or floors) of public places.

Yeah, in the end it’s “what’s on the inside that matters” but we wouldn’t be too interested to find out if you have a “heart of gold” if we don’t even feel that attracted to you physically upon the first few minutes of seeing you.

Necessary disclaimer: Everything I’ve written is a personal opinion. Not every guys in Malaysia is described as above. 😉

By: Adios Amigo 

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