This Malaysian earns RM700 per day by selling curry puffs in China

Image Credit: The Mamak Stall

There is a restaurant in Nanning, China called ‘The Mamak Stall’ and surprisingly the locals there are NOT queuing up for the nasi lemak or teh tarik, but for the curry puffs.

‘The Mamak Stall’ is ran by a 30-year-old Malaysian, Huang Xin Yi, who is born from Johor

from johor
Image Credit: Nanyang Siang Pau

Huang used to work in a bank in Singapore for three years before starting up the business in China in June last year.

The curry puffs cost 12 Chinese Yuan or RM7 each and it is limited to 100 pieces a day

que at curry puff

The locals in Nanning, China love the curry puffs so much to the point that some customers may even buy six of them at one go.

Besides curry puffs, they also serve a wide range of Malaysian Chinese, Nyonya, Malay and Indian cuisine

curry mee
Image Credit: The Mamak Stall
the mamak stall
Image Credit: The Mamak Stall


Huang opened her second outlet last August 2015 which is two months after the first outlet opened its door for business in Nanning. And her future plans would involve making “The Mamak Stall” a retail chain.

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