This Malaysian born is known as the smartest kid in Australia

malaysian born

With an IQ of a whopping 168, Sharvin Jeyendran is brainier than renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and can lay claim to being Australia’s smartest kid. 

But Sharvin, 13, from the Perth suburb of Butler, is no awkward genius.

“It means the world to me to have a high IQ,” Sharvin said. “But I still make a lot of friends. I get on with everyone.’’

As a bub, Malaysian-born Sharvin skipped baby talk and went straight to proper sentences.

Image Source: Daily Telegraph

After his family moved to Perth in January this year, he enrolled at Sacred Heart College and has become fluent in French while topping every subject and practising for the world ­titles in Scrabble.

The teenager, who plays the piano, swims and plays football, now wants to become a scientist and find a cure for cancer.

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