This is how some Malaysian Indian guys dance in clubs

dancing in club indians
Some Malaysian Indian dance is certainly unique and it is fun to watch. We are pretty sure many of you non-Indians out there do wonder how its done. Well, its simple and here are 8 types of Indian dance that we have seen so far and how you can do it too.

1. Changing The Light Bulb

changing light bulb

All you need to do is carry both your hands in the air and pretend like you are changing light bulbs with both your hands..That’s right! Just keep on turning and turning.

2. Changing The Light Bulb + Petting Your Doggies Head

On one hand, you need to raise it high up and similar to the first one, you will need to pretend like you are changing a light bulb. On the other hand, you will need to maintain the position below your waist and pretend like you are petting your dog’s head. Easy peasy!

3. Do The Squats

This could be a little tiring but it is certainly a good workout. But….It sounds simple to do.
Step 1 : From a standing position, do the squat and as you squat, your hands have to be positioned as chicken wings
Step 2 : Immediately stand up and put your right leg out
Step 3 : Then start all over again with Step 1 and Step 2 but this time put your left leg out
Step 4 : Keep repeating all 3 steps and if you are wondering what to do with your hands….Just pretend like you are changing the light bulbs. The dance will come along very well

4. The Swimming

This is another interesting dance. To get this right, you will need to be in standing position. Then all you need to do is start swimming. As you are doing so, shake your head left and right, and keep your eyes closed and be sure to look down.

5. Pointing The Sky

point your hands to the sky

Simply do a ‘half squat’ (don’t go all the way) and simply point both of your hands to the sky and keep pointing. While you are pointing and in your squat position, wave to the left and right.

6. The Shoulder Dance

Move both your shoulders up and down and shake your head from left to right.

7. Biting Tongue

This is also pretty simple. All you need to do is bite your tongue and make sure it can be seen on the outside. To complete the biting tongue dance, you will also need to shake your head from left to right and also do the light bulb motion with both your hands.

8. The Silat Dance

silat dance

Pretend like you are doing ‘silat’ but do it faster..
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