This Indian guy explains how to deal with racism in Malaysia

Image Credit: Youtube / BenTenTV

OK something weird happened to me.

I walked in to my local grocer to buy some you know “Groceries”.

As I was paying for my things at the counter this young malay boy comes up to me and says hello, so me being a guy who loves kids, I greeted him back with a “Hi Kiddo how are you?” And he responded “I’m good, I like the drawing on your hand” (He was referring to my tattoo). At this point my groceries were already being placed in a PLASTIC BAG and in the bag I had a can of SPRITE.

Now the mother of the kid walks up to the counter and pulls him away and says in malay “Adik, Jangan tegur orang asing. Dia India Mabuk”. At this point I got furious that I wanted to slap her but rather I chose to take out that can of SPRITE I had and I asked the kid “Adik nak SPRITE tak?” The kid replies “Nak boleh x?”

I went to fridge grabbed a can of SPRITE for him, paid for it and gave the kid his SPRITE then I gave the mom a stare and told her. “YA BETUL KAMI INDIA NIE MMG SUKA MINUM ARAK TAPI KAMI JUGA MANUSIA YG TAHU BERMORAL DAN BERBUDI BAHASA, TAK SEMUA INDIA KURANG AJAR DAN TAK BERADAB”.

All she said was “Sorry Adik” and she walked out of the grocer with her head facing the ground.

I don’t have to tell you what the moral of the story is about I’m pretty sure you can figure it out.

By: Jan Gregory Hamilton

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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