This guy makes a living by ‘Getting Laid’ by Asian Women

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An American man who has been the subject of controversy in China for his sexual exploits across Asia is now drawing outrage from the Chinese media for his latest video. 

getting laid in Japan

David Campbell, who also goes by the alias ”David Bond”, is a self-professed ”pick-up artist” and coach who has spent time across Asia since 2013, sleeping with local women and secretly recording his encounters.

You maybe remember a video last year of a video he shot in Hong Kong and then uploaded to his Youtube channel of two Western foreigners purportedly “stealing” the female partner of a Singaporean man he labeled as a “Chinese guy.”’

getting laid in Asian 2

Since then, the 29 year old American man, now sells an online guide teaching others how to “get laid in Japan,” has been treated as a public enemy by the Chinese press.

getting laid in Asia

One of his latest video, titled “Guy Quits Job to Travel — My Epic 16 Months of Unemployment,” he can been with a number of local women in in collected footage documenting his travels across Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Video: Guy Quits Job To Travel – My Epic Journey So far…

According the Nanfang, Chinese news reports have warned citizens to “strongly despise the acts of this womanizer” — omitting any mentions of his name — since the video’s release.

The video has amassed over 600,00 views, as well as a majority scathing comments and dislikes, since its upload on Dec. 22.

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