This guy explains why RM20k salary for a family is not enough in Klang Valley

Chinese Family in Malaysia

RM20k not enough (don’t love own kids version)

Income = RM20,000

RM20,000 – RM2,000 (EPF) = RM18,000

RM18,000 – RM3,500 (Tax) = RM14,500

RM14,500 – RM2,000 (1 god car and one Iriz for husband and wife, around 140k, installment around 2k for 5 years loan) = RM12,500


RM12,500 – RM4,500 (House, PJ terrace house is 1M these days, loan 900k or 4.5k a month) = RM8,000

Double Storey House in PJ

RM8,000 – RM1,000 (Public school for 2 kids since we hate our kids and want them to be stupid. But we still provide tuition and other classes for the 2 brats) = RM7,000

RM7,000 – RM1,000 (Mom is housewife so cook at home save money. Ikat perut since we hate our family) = RM6,000

home cook food malaysia
RM6,000 – RM2,000 (Give parents and parents in-law money 2k monthly) = RM4,000

RM4,000 – RM500 (Astro, internet, ipon = RM500, lets share phone plan…cheaper plan also save money yo) = RM3,500

RM3,500 – RM200 (Children pocket money) = RM3,200

RM3,200 – RM1,000 (Car, petrol, toll and maintenance) = RM2,200


RM2,200 – RM1,000 (Wife pocket money) = RM1,200

RM1,200 – RM500 (Holiday once a year within SEA , RM6k for 4 people or RM500 monthly) = RM700

RM700 – RM200 (Electric and Water Bill) = RM500

water bill in malaysia

RM500 – RM500 (Misc expenses) = RM0

Savings = RM0

Kesian, save kau kau and mistreat own kids pun not enough.

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