This app allows you to meet people who want to fight for no reason

fight club

This new app called Rumblr is almost similar to how Tinder works but it is designed for people who want to beat the living shit out of one another.

In other words, it is an app for recreational fighters to find, meet and fight other brawl enthusiasts nearby.


According to UNILAD, the app is set to launch very soon and not only does it allow amateur fighters to seek each other out, they can also compare stats – such as height, weight, experience, etc.

fight club malaysia

In terms of features for the app Rumblr, there will be a chat tool so you can have a good old chinwag with your opponent before you punch them in the face. On top of that, there will also be a mapping tool to find potential opponents, and as well as filters so you can search for specific things like “gang fights” or “girl fights”.

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