This Air Con Trick Can Cut Your Bills By Half Yet Still Make Your Room Feel Very Cold

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We always complain about the scorching hot weather in Malaysia and the only way to solve this problem for now is air-conditioning.

Although air-conditioning is perhaps the greatest invention ever known to first-world civilization, some of us might hesitate about setting the air-con on full-blast because of the high electricity bills.

The good news is that the people at Goody Feed have found a way to combat both the heat and humidity in a pocket-friendly way.

If you look at your air-con remote control, you might see a water droplet or a snowflake. This is also known as the “dry” function, which lowers the temperature by dehumidifying the room.


The trick allows the temperature to go down and at the same time, the humidity also decreases, making you feel less sticky and sweaty by the minute. On top of that, you don’t even have to set the temperature to a power/money-sucking 18 degrees in order to feel like it’s winter in your room.

This method uses up a lot less energy so the compressor inside runs more slowly. In other words, your energy usage goes down and so does your electricity bill.

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