Things you are sick of hearing when you are a vegetarian in Malaysia

vegetarian people
1. Whaaaaaattttt?????? You’re a vegetarian?? You mean life long or only for today?????
Seriously…What’s so shocking here now???

2. You mean you don’t eat chicken, fish and all? OMG, you are wasting half of your life lah!!!
Who the hell are you to judge that I’m wasting half of my life…??

3. How do you feel when you see KFC chicken, or McD burgers? Don’t you feel like eating them?
I feel like murdering you now…

4. Can you eat “ikan bilis”? Ikan bilis no blood what…
Oh really?? Should I give a lecture that it’s a fish……..??

5. How did you survive all this while??
Why on earth do you care???

6. What do you actually eat?
I eat food as a normal human being! I’m not an alien here..

7. Where do you get all your proteins ah?
Definitely not from what you are eating!! Now stop asking me questions like a doctor!!

8. I’m so sorry I am eating chicken in front of you. Hope you don’t mind ya….
Ok whatever, stop treating me like an alien now and eat your chicken!

9. You vegetarian cause you diet ah?
Since when you became my dietitian??

10. Plants also got feelings you know, not animals only, so it means you are a plant murderer….
Oh really?! I don’t care!

11. Hey, got tofu in the menu. You can eat that!
I can read the menu myself also la…

12. Not boring ah eating vegetables all the time?
Are you bored of eating chicken or fish? Why oh why???

13. You’re a vegetarian, but how come you still fat ah? I thought vegetarians are slim lehh…
Hey, I have to go to the Biggest Loser if I fry potatoes and eat them everyday!

14. One day you cannot break your vege “puasa” ah? I cook this chicken sambal myself you know and you can’t try it…so kesian..
Seriously! Do you want me to answer that??!!

15. You don’t eat egg also ah? Why not?
I don’t means I don’t lah…Why so busybody??

16. Can you eat fries in McD?? But they fry the fries in the same oil as they fry chicken.. Can you still eat them?
Do you even care or you’re just trying to be concern and spoil my appetite..???

17. You can drink milk is it?? But milk is from cow you know…
Is it?? I thought milk came from durian trees..Thanks for the info, buddy!

18. If you separate the chicken pieces from the salad, you can eat the remaining salad or not?
If I take out a dead lizard from your mash potato, do you still eat the remaining mash potato??

Pros and cons as a vegetarian are there, but these are the dilemma of being a vegetarian in Malaysia… What else your friends say to you when you’re a vegetarian?

Written by Shumie Mie

Enjoys meeting new people and exploring new things in life.