Things Penangite say when you are in certain college/university

kdu penang-compressed
1. Segi College Penang – College for middle income people, char Kway Teow College (The principal apparently loves Char Kway Teow so much), sea view college

segi penang

2. INTI Penang – Rich kids, spoiled kids, stuck up people, handsome guys, pretty girls,  Eurasians, international students
3. KTAR Penang – Chinese, pretty girls, DOTA

ktar penang

4. KDU Penang – Rich kids, spoiled kids, pretty girls
5. Advance Tertiary College (ATC) Penang – Indians, lawyers, bangunan UMNO

menara umno penang

6. Sentral College – Indians, pretty Indian girls, bangunan sentral, gangsters 
7. Han Chiang College – Chinese, basketball, Gangnam Style 

gangnam style in penang

8. Wawasan Open University – Old men, bald men
9. University Sains Malaysia – Malays, Africans

usm penang-compressed

10. Penang Medical College – Empty building

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