Things only Malaysians who goes to Singapore will realize

singapore malaysians

1. The first thing you realize when you step in Singapore is the fact that it looks like a more developed and of course cleaner Kuala Lumpur

2. Then you will find your way to a hawker stall and you find the menu is very similar to what Malaysians have…Just that our food taste way better 😛

what food bitch

3. But then you look at the price and you find it the same as well..For example, a plate of a basic nasi lemak will cost you RM3 in Malaysia or less and its the same in Singapore..The problem is, it will be in Sing Dollars..So that makes it SG$3 X 2.66 = RM7.99

food menu in singapore

4. Then you realize that the cost of living in Singapore is higher

too damn high

In terms of food and cost of living, Malaysia win…But food and cost of living is all we are going to get from this..

5. Because the people there are efficient. They work fast. They walk fast. Even their escalators move faster than us Malaysians

6. Then you find out about their MRT and public transports and you will realize that its perfect! You barely need a cab..Even if you do need a cab, you don’t need to bargain the taxi fare like how it works in Malaysia

singapore mrt

7. Singapore is small. YES. BUT you will realize that the traffic jam is not as bad as in Kuala Lumpur..All thanks to their perfect public transportation


8. On top of that, you even feel safer living in Singapore

welcome to singapore bitches

9. You also won’t be able to find warning signs like below over there..

beware of snatch thief

10. And lastly you will realize that you compared everything about Malaysia and Singapore when you are back in Malaysia..And you will always question yourself with frustration “Why isn’t Malaysia as good as Singapore?”


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