Things Malaysians say when you are in certain college/university

1. Taylor’s University – Rich kids, stuck up people, spoiled kids, pretty girls
2. Sunway University – Rich kids, stuck up people, spoiled kids, pretty girls
3. Monash University – Rich kids and nerds 


4. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology – Africans, Middle Eastern People, Rich kids, Ass
5. RIMA College – No lecturers, No students, Empty Building


6. MSU – Malays
7. Binary University – Africans, Middle eastern, Pakistanis, Non-Malaysians 
8. Segi University – University for middle income people


9. Inti Nilai – Indians
10. Utar – Chinese


11. Ktar – Chinese 
12. KDU – Rich kids, Damansara kids
13. Brickfields Asia College KL – Indians, Lawyers, Ladyboys, Prostitutes


14. Advance Tertiary College (ATC) – Indians, Lawyers, Ladyboys, Prostitutes
15. Public Universities – Malays

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