There’s A Lake In Russia That Turns Pink In The Summer

lake burlinskoye

Every year between August and late October, this Russian lake (Lake Burlinskoye in Siberia) located just north of the border with Kazakhstan turns into vivid shades of pink.

Image via DailyMail
Image via DailyMail

The body of water usually turns rosé in late August, but just like as the rest of the world, Siberia has been experiencing a rise in temperature due to climate change. Local news outlet The Siberian Times has reported that in recent years the lake has been changing colour as early as June.

Image via DailyMail
Image via DailyMail

The change of colour is due to a natural phenomenon and there are other lakes in the world that also shift their colours, but not because of the same reason. For example, the Dusty Rose lake in Canada which owes its particular hue to the colour sediments that the surrounding purple rock trees in the water.

Dusty Rose Lake
Dusty Rose Lake in Canada

And another amazing pink lake is the Laguna Colorado in Bolivia, which has its funky tones due to the singular algae that inhabit its water.

Laguna Colorada
Laguna Colorada in Bolivia

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