There are 5 things you should stop worrying about in life!


As we age, we tend to worry more as more commitment come in, more exposure we get to the real world, and more experience in life, at one point in life we start to worry about a lot of things, even a petty issue may spoil our morale. This list is more focus for the boys.

Anyway, here are the top 5 things you should get it off your mind!:


1. You will be alone and will never get to find a life partner.

forever alone

You all shouldn’t worry about this point at all. There are more women then men. As you age, you mature and that also means you can date more women of different age. Chill out. Courting a girl and going on a date is a trial and error system. Be more open minded and just be yourself. What you really should be worry about is, getting tangle with a crazy person. Just be careful guys.


2. Your identity might get stolen from the internet if you are a heavy user.

online transaction

There are so few identity theft on the internet, and most of them come from online transaction. Just try to minimize your online transaction, don’t be lazy and get out to buy your stuff. The most important, don’t sign up anything from the website, especially hanky panky websites. If you know what i mean. Be wise!.


3. You are not sure if you are ready to be a parent.


Well, before you become a parent, make sure you are financially stable. That is most important. And second, make sure you are willing to sacrifice. That’s all. Nobody can be too sure on how to raise their child. It is always a learning method. Be open and be observant and listen to your child. Don’t worry, babies don’t remember anything until they are 2 – 3 years old. What you should really worried is feeding the right food for your child!. A bad nutrition for a child is worst then drugs.


4. You won’t have enough money after retirement.


Well, unless you are a bum (too lazy to get a job). Considering you are a degree holder, you should hold a decent job with a salary increment of 3% yearly, and paying at least 10% of EPF (Employee Provident Fund), then you should not be worried at all. There will be a huge lump sum of money for you to enjoy retirement. What you really should worry is you greed or fantasy of getting richer by doing so much investment. Just be smart. 


5. Suddenly you died. 


Don’t worry. You won’t drop dead suddenly without any warning. Your body won’t stop working just like that. What really kills you is your driving. Drive safely! Car accident claims more death for men. The other what you should worry is,your health. Be mindful of your health. Try to keep as healthy as possible.

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