The rise of violent schoolgirls in Malaysia

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A crime prevention body in Malaysia recently claims that Malaysia currently have more than 1,300 active female gang leaders. These female leaders are currently on the lookout for more potential recruiters. 
On top of that, the United Malaysia Crime Prevention Organization (UMCPO) also revealed that at least 12 percent of the current gang members across our country is comprised of women. According to the UMCPO chairperson, A Balakrishnan, gangs such as the 36, 21, 24, 555, 303, 04, 08 and the Satu Hati organizations all feature fully formed “female branch” which are lead by females. They are mainly tasked to extort protection money from schoolgirls in Malaysia.

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These female leaders are usually known as “tai kah cheh” and “akka” among the female students. A Balakrishnan also added that female members of these gangs also engage in street fights and they also intimidate other members into paying up their gang fees.
Based on the reports by Bukit Aman in 2014, violent crimes involving women are on the rise, now comprising about 10 percent of recorded violent offences, including cases of assault, robbery, and drug related crimes.
Lee Lam Thye, the vice chairman of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation, also warned of the rise of violent schoolgirls four years ago.

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