The Richest woman in Malaysia, Chong Chook Yew

chong chook yew
Puan Seri Datin Chong Chook Yew is currently the only woman in Malaysia who is in the Forbe’s List for the most richest people in Malaysia. 
She has a net worth of a whopping RM1.15 billion making her richer compared to OSK’s Ong Leong Huat. Puan Sri Datin Chong Chook Yew cofounded Selangor Properties Berhad with her late husband and she still owns a controlling stake.

selangor properties berhad

Selangor Properties Berhad (SPB), was officially incorporated on 12 October, 1963, but the company’s roots can be traced all the way back to a decade earlier. SPB’s original launching pad comprises the esteemed UK Heights and Bukit Tunku projects; both of which have stood the test of time.
Back then, Puan Sri Datin Chong Chook Yew singlehandedly managed all aspects of the operations herself. Always practical, resolute and forward-thinking, Puan Sri could recognize a great opportunity when she saw it. She refurbished 3 shoplots, turned them into flats and rented them out for a respectable amount.
Today, at 91, Puan Sri’s independent, indomitable spirit has remained intact. Her courage, resilience and determination continues to be reflected in the company she founded.

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