The new self-aiming sniper rifle


‘Self-aiming’ rifle turns novices into expert snipers
Critics worry about the rifle's potential for misuse <i>(Image: TrackingPoint)</i>


A new self aiming rifle has been introduced that can help novice (noob) snipers become expert (pro) snipers. Critics are now saying tat this is a serious threat to public safety.

This smart rifle allows the user to hit targets accurately up to 900 metre away.

It is now for sale in the US. This magnificent rifle cost $22, 000.

According to company president Jason Schauble, it uses a variant of the “lock-and-launch” technology that lets fighter jets fire air-to-air missiles without the pilot having to perform precision aiming.



The PGF lets the user choose a target in the rifle’s sights while the weapon decides when it is the best time to shoot – compensating for factors like wind speed, arm shake, recoil, air temperature, humidity and the bullet’s drop due to gravity, all of which can affect accuracy.

Bad for snipping skills 

In the US military, veterans has said that this rifle will only de-skill sharpshooter’s should not be on sale to civilians.



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