The New GoPro Hero 3+ Revealed, Price and Details

gopro hero 3 latest lighter

One of the most well known sports camera company, GoPro, had unveil their new Hero version called the Hero 3+. It is smaller, lighter and mightier still.

What’s good about this new Hero 3+

Before we get into details, you folks should know that there are two versions with the Hero 3+ and they are called the Black Edition and Silver Edition respectively. 

Black Edition – This version is said to be 20% smaller than the standard Hero 3 and it has a better battery life. On the other side, the Wi-Fi speed has been improved as well, making it four times faster than the previous version and it comes with a new lens that produce better image quality. There is also this new feature called SuperView whereby it provides wider angle shots.

Price : US$399.99

all new gopro hero 3plus

Silver Edition – On the Silver version, it is said that the image processor is much more faster compared to the standard Hero 3. On top of that, it supports 1080 pixel video at 60 fps and 720 pixel at 120 fps plus it also supports a faster Wi-Fi.

Price : US$299.99

The standard GoPro Hero 3 is still available in stores at a price tag of US$199.99.