Ten things to know on how to maintain your Vehicle.

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Every year, we see new car drivers on the road, and kids nowadays, got their cars even before they get their licenses (Thanks to their parents) and most of them know nothing about taking good care of your car. They just hit the accelerator and breaks. That’s all. Sometimes not even washing the car. Well, i guess, there is no appreciation if you don’t work for something. Even, older drivers are sometimes clueless about car maintenance. Here is a list of things you can keep an extra eye on:


1. Engine Oil.


You should monitor your engine oil level from time to time. Just locate the dipstick and you should be able to measure the level of it. Be sure to use back the same oil type.


2.  Air filter.


A block air filter will restrict the airflow, which is just suppressing your car’s horsepower and also increase your fuel consumption. 


3. Brake Fluids.


Keep an extra eye on this. You should be able to locate your brake fluid and monitor its level from time to time.  Refer to your car’s manual for more specific information of your own car brake fluid.


4. Spark Plugs.


Well, get your car manual out and identify it’s spark plug. It should ideally be changed every 48,000 KMs. 


5. Tire pressure.

Digital Tire Pressure

Under pressure tire will wear out the tires quicker and this will cost you more money. Once you open the door of the driver seat, there should be a sticker on the side which will inform you about the PSI number of the front and rear tires. 


6. Coolant / Antifreeze. 


Again, we can find our car’s coolant from our car manual. Only specific product can be used for specific cars.


7. Gasoline.


Gasoline is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a car. Driving on low gasoline will cause unnecessary wear to engines.


8. Timing Belt.


Timing belt should be changed every 80,000 km to 100,000 km. However, be mindful of it, timing belt can break without warning and your car wont be able to move at all. 


9. Car Battery.


Again, learn more about this from your car manual. If it is liquid base, do remember to check it regularly and fill it up. If it is dry, make sure you know how to change it yourself. This will save you more money.


10. Headlights.


Dim headlight may cause accident at night, as people might not notice you and it might be too late. 


Above are ten tips to maintain your car. But just to be more safe, do send your car for services on time. Don’t delay or drag it, make time. It will be beneficial it terms of safety and money.


Safe driving everyone!.




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