Taking naps during working hours can improve productivity

image via www.businessinsider.com

Remember those days when we were in kindergarten? There will always be nap time but for us adults there is no such thing but many researchers say that napping can add to worker productivity.


But sleeping at work is actually good. Here is why:

One lab has found that people who took an hour long nap during the day had improved performance over those who had been awake the entire day. The person who took a nap had increased creativity and energy with increased ability to focus.

Many recently studies also shows that not only it improves performance at work but also it is linked to decreasing blood pressure and heart diseases.

There are many companies out there that allows its employees to take naps during working time.

Take for example tech companies like Uber and Google. They have nap rooms and nap pods.

Ben & Jerry’s, the famously non-traditional ice-cream company, was one of the first companies to implement a napping policy and have had nap rooms for over a decade.

Accounting mega firm PricewaterhouseCoopers implemented nap pods because its management believes work isn’t about how long one works, it’s about “smart working”. And rested employees work smart.

That being said napping during work time is good for you. Experts say in 15 years time, napping at work would be common but we are in Malaysia. We doubt to see that happening anytime soon. Maybe in 50 years time… who knows…

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