Taiwanese Bubble Tea Products Suspended by Health Ministry


Some of you may already know about this most recent news. For those who doesn’t know and still enjoying their “perfect” bubble tea cup, this is a warning.

Singapore’s Health Ministry recently discovered harmful substance called maleic acid in the “pearls” which are part of the bubble tea. Food Safety and Quality Malaysia  senior Director, Noraini Datuk Mohd Othman, said that this suspension is a precautionary measure.


So far a total of 11 Taiwanese starch products are suspended from being imported to Malaysia. This will definitely impact some of the famous bubble tea outlet such as Chatime and Gong Cha.

Noraini Datuk Mohd Othman also advice consumers of the product to stop consuming until further notice. One of the effect of the maleic acid is kidney failure. However, for those who already consumed these products (also known as tapioca balls) before, you don’t need to worry as it contains low dosage of that particular chemical.