Successful people vs unsuccessful people.


Some characteristic of successful people and unsuccessful people. See which category are you in!


Successful people                                                        Unsuccessful people

-Forgiving.                                                                      – Hold a grudge.

– Compliment other people.                                       – Criticize other people.

– Accept and admit own mistakes.                           – Blame others for their mistakes.

– Set goals and develop life plans.                           – No direction in life.

– Talk about ideas and work on it.                            – Talk about people.

– Embrace change.                                                       – Fear changes.

– Share information and knowledge.                       – Give false information and knowledge.

– Wish others to be successful too.                         – Hopes everyone else fails.

– Gets the work done and do not                              – Will never get the work done on time and never does a good job too.


Happy New Year everyone!

Try to adopt the successful people’s characteristic for the new year! =D


Have a great year ahead!!



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