Student got beaten up badly by his teacher with a chair in Rawang

teacher beats student up in rawang

A 14 year old student got beaten up by his teacher with a chair causing some pretty bad injuries on his face, legs and arms as the teacher taught he was showing off to his classmates.

Janpiter Steeman who is a son to a chendol seller was just tapping his pen on the table as he ran out of ink. The replacement teacher than got annoyed with his behavior and told him to stand up and stand at the back of the class. However, Janpiter was making some movements as he felt uncomfortable standing too long and the teacher thought he was being disobedient. Without questioning any further, the teacher than beat him up repeatedly using the chair which lead to external bleeding on Janpiter’s arm.

After the situation was cooled down, the replacement teacher who is a female, threatened him to not mention about it to anyone or otherwise he will face expulsion from the school. On the other hand, Gangga Devi (the cendol seller and the mother of Janpiter) made a police report at the Country Homes police station before taking him to the hospital. 

The incident happened on 28th of August 2013. On the 3rd of September 2013, Gangga then went to the school to get some explanation but the replacement teacher was too rude and she did not even apologize. The headmaster also offered a bribe of RM280 to Gangga to withdraw the police report but she refused it.

Gombak OCPD Assistant Commissioner, Abdul Rahim Abdullah, said that the case is currently under investigation under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.