South Korea Will Soon have an Invisible Skyscraper

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South Korea will soon have an invisible skyscraper. Arhitectural firm GDS Architects has recently announced that they have received its permits to build the World’s first invisible tower, Tower Infinity near Incheon Airport. 


Although this new invisible skyscraper would not be the tallest building it the world but it has one unique feature that any other building in the world does not have, which is a clocking device. 

How it works?

This new invisible skyscraper, will be equipped with LED projectors and cameras. 

These cameras will capture the area around the building and then i will stitch them together in a panorama display through the projects. It will make the tower seem invisible from the outside when the projectors are turned on. 

This new South Korean Invisible Skyscraper will be also be a spot for tourists. It will have the world’s third highest observation deck, as well as shops, restaurants, movie cinemas, and also water park.


Written by Kesavan

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