Some of the reasons why movies are banned in Malaysia

1. The Bohemian Girl (1936)- Was banned due its Roma theme

the bohemian girl

2. Brokeback Mountain (2005) – Was banned for it’s positive portrayal of homosexuality

JAKE GYLLENHAAL & HEATH LEDGER Film 'BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN' (2005) Directed By ANG LEE 02 September 2005 SSI34985 Allstar Collection/FOCUS FEATURES **WARNING** This photograph can only be reproduced by publications in conjunction with the promotion of the above film. A Mandatory Credit To FOCUS FEATURES is Required. For Printed Editorial Use Only, NO online or internet use.

3. How to eat fried worms (2006) – Was banned because of disgusting behaviour 

how to eat fried worms

4. Babe (1995) & Babe: Pig in the city (1998) – Was banned due to its title and subject matter not being halal

babe movie

5. Zoolander (2001) – Was banned for an offensive joke about the country in the film


6. Team America: World Police (2004) – Was banned because it was made by the creators of South Park

team america

7. Race 2 (2013) – Banned for showcasing underworld crime in Turkey

race 2 movie

8. Noah (2014) – Banned due to religious content

noah movie malaysia

9. Barney’s Great Adventure – Was banned in Malaysia and deemed unsuitable for children. It is still banned and Malaysia has never elaborated on the reasoning


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