Some Malaysian employers have actually fired workers for playing Pokemon Go during office hours

Frustrated Employers Fired Staff Who Could Not Stop Playing Pokemon


Six employers have dismissed workers for playing Pokemon Go while at work, reveals a survey by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF).

According to MEF executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan, the poll on the impact of the game on workers was taken among 150 employers from different sectors.

“Based on our preliminary findings, six employers, or 4% of the 150 companies, admitted that workers who indulged too much in the game have been dismissed,” he told The Star.
Some of the employers advised employees to not play the game during working hours and some actually gave warning letter and imposing suspensions from work without pay.

The survey found that 25% of bosses have caught employees playing the game during work hours.

Employers also claim that their worker take longer lunch break to play the game.

Employers are also taking it a step further, with 54% wanting to request that game developer Niantic Labs remove PokéStops and Gyms near their offices or work place.

The Pokemon craze are worrying the MEF as employees are not giving their best at work.

Shamsuddin says 5% of employers also found their workers to be breaching the company’s restricted areas to catch the monsters in the game.

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