Slaughtering cows at school compounds – SK Puchong Jaya


An Email From MR. Saravanan:

Sekolah Kebangsaans are national schools with multi-racial children. We should respect all races and religions if we wish to take Malaysia forward. From the day of independence until a few years it was like that but recently respect for other races and religious sentiments are degrading.

When the non-Muslim school teachers, staff and children respect the Muslims, we expect the same be accorded to non-Muslims. In yesterday’s case I found out that many schools slaughtered cows in the school compound. There are rules for things that can be done in the school and things which cannot be done.

Every school activity should be aligned with the education system and the co-curriculum aspects, but slaughtering cows in the school compounds is not part of the system or related to education. I would like to urge parliamentarians to debate this. It is a serious issue which doesn’t align with education. The Ministry of Education needs to take stern action against schools which slaughter cows.


I called Sekolah Kebangsaan Puchong Jaya to ask for an explanation about the incident. The headmaster of the school didn’t have any black and white approval from Education Ministry. The relevant ministry and district council should take action on this matter. It is not proper to engage in double standard in a multi-racial country. If the education ministry would allow slaughtering of cows, I think we should allow pig slaughter and prayers for Chinese and Indians.


Source: FMT 

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