Singaporean millionaire paying RM2.6 million to find a virgin wife

singaporean virgin wife featured
“Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses Event” was recently held in Singapore. Don’t worry, we are as shocked as you when we found out that such event exists. 
During the event, eighty beautiful ladies emerged from 1,200 applicants and engaged in fierce competition in a hotel.
But what’s more interesting is that, one self proclaimed multi-millionaire offered a whopping RM2.6 million (SG$ 1 million) in the search of his other half. On top of that, he even said that the matchmaker would get RM26,000 (SG$ 10,000) in cash after he and the lady had their first date.
Singaporean Millionaire’s “terms and conditions”
  • Age : 20 – 26 years old
  • Height : 162 – 170 cm
  • Weight : within 50 kg
  • Education : above junior college
  • Simple family condition
  • Good looking
  • Good figure
  • Pure body (no plastic surgery accepted)
  • No sexual experience
What we know about this Mystery Singaporean Millionaire 
  • Divorced and alone
  • Not yet 50 years old..but still old
  • Damn rich
  • Well-known entrepreneur who don’t know how to invest his money
  • Enjoys golf (clearly he is a boring person)
  • Healthy body and strong  (that’s what they all say)

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