Singaporean man bashed up at Jurong Spring CC McDonald’s after saying something racist

Fight at Jurong McDonalds

SINGAPORE: A man went on a racist rant at McDonal’s in Jurong Spring Comminty Club, and got slapped the racism out of him. watch video here

User Fiq Viera uploaded the clip and we can clearly see that it had been filmed by a person at the McDonald’s outlet. The description of the video was: Dislike malays and indians in singapore? Dia ingat Singapore tu dia punya sorang ke? jadi tu la makan dia..

It was unclear what was really happening but the man an be heard lashing out and making insulting remarks towards an unidentified person.

That is when another guy comes up to him and throws him a punch in the face, telling him to “Shut the f*** up”. The fight continued until someone broke them up.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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