Singapore Now Has The Most Impressive Building in the World

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The Interlace, is an insanely designed residential complex in Singapore was crowned World Building of the Year 2015 last week during the World Architecture Festival.

The designer of the project, Ole Scheeren, is a German architect who worked on the assignment while running the Dutch-based Office of Metropolitan Art’s Beijing office. He then went on to set up his own studio, Buro Ole Scheeren.

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Eric Chang, a partner at Buro Ole Scheeren, explained that the concept behind the Interlace was to figure a way to create high-density housing without constructing another tower block to add to Singapore’s skyline.

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The Interlace encompasses 170,000 square meters and contains 1,400 square units.

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The apartment blocks, which each stand six stories high and 70 meters long, are arranged to create a series of courtyards and terraces at various levels.

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The Interlace is one of the most ambitious residential developments in Singapore’s history, generating an intricate network of living and social spaces intertwined with the natural environment. Instead of following the default typology of housing in the region–clusters of isolated towers–the vertical is turned horizontal.

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