Sing Negaraku to Prove Your Citizenship if You Can’t Show your MyKad!

Image Credit: Says

PETALING JAYA, May 12 — It is not an offence for policemen to ask Malaysians to sing the national anthem, Negaraku, if they are unable to produce their MyKad, a senior police officer said yesterday.

Bukit Aman traffic police chief SAC Mahamad Akhir Darus said it was, however, not the police’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

He said this when commenting on an allegation by a blogger known as Raine Lee, 25, that she had to do so after being stopped by traffic policemen at a roadblock recently.

He said it was up to the policeman on duty to handle the situation professionally if a driver was unable to provide his or her MyKad.

“My men have not committed any offence (by asking someone to sing Negaraku) if those stopped fail to produce their MyKad,” he said.

“But this is not our SOP. Those on duty have their own methods in dealing with such situations.”

Lee had posted on her Facebook account on Sunday that she was asked to sing the national anthem to prove she was Malaysian after failing to produce her MyKad at a roadblock. However, she did not reveal the time and place of the location where it all happened.

Lee said the policeman on duty had kept shining his torchlight on her, saying she looked like a foreigner. She was asked to sing the anthem despite showing them her driving licence. She also said he refused to accept the licence saying she did not resemble the photo on the licence.

“I gave him my driving licence but he kept saying it’s fake and he was positive I was from China,” Lee said.

“It is normal for people to assume I’m either from China or Thailand.”

He only let her go when she sang the national anthem as requested.