Signs that you should quit your job.


Trying out a new job? Or your first job? Some people say it is not good to quit too early, stay a few years to learn new things. However, everyone has their own limits. Feel like quitting but not sure whether to quit or not. Well, here are some tips to help you to make that important decision.


1. You don’t feel like waking up to go to work, it is such a drag.


You are not pump up for work, which means your heart is not there anymore. Something is bothering you badly. Pin point the problem and try to solve it, if can’t then just leave.


2. Workload is getting much higher, but your pay remain stagnant.


Management might be just taking advantage of you. Try to discuss with your boss first.


3. You are no longer learning anything.


Things have become boring and there is nothing new for you to learn. Then it is time to expand your profession.


4. Your skills are under used.


This simply means you are over qualified for this job and you should look elsewhere which will fully utilize your skills to the maximum potential.


5. You hate the work.


Well, this should be number 1. But most employees may just hate it because they do not know how to get it done without proper guidance. You should discuss with your boss to see what can be done. Maybe send you to more training course or assign you a better mentor.


6.  Terrible boss.



Your boss way may not agree with you and is causing you unwanted stress. Well, you should talk to your boss first. Most of the time is just communication problem. If your boss is a bully, then just leave.


7.  Your company is going bankruptcy.


Well, you can either be a loyalist and hang on, or you should save yourself before saving others.


8. Your personal relationships are suffering because of your job.


If your job is taking away your personal time with your friends, family and lover, then it is time you should prioritize. Money can always be earn back, but time with your loved ones cannot be earn back at all.


9. Your health is suffering.


Here is another reason to quit. If your job is giving you huge load of stress and is affecting your health. Then its better to leave. There is no point in earning so much of money but spending all the money you earn to fix your health.


10. You doesn’t fit into the company’s culture.


Well, this one should be handle by you alone. But if you can’t make adjustment to suit your company’s culture, maybe it will not suit you. This should be the last reason to quit a  job.


Nevertheless, please do not quit your current job until you have secure a new job.




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