Shit raging Malaysian gamers say

1. Mothers


For some reason, your mothers are always the victim when you are losing a game. We Malaysian gamers are very creative when it comes to cursing another player’s mother.
2. Genitals
Besides cursing your mother, the most popular curse words we use is always referring to our genitals. Eg, Suck my c0*k, suck my d*ck, go f*ck yourself.
3. The Racist


These bunch of gamers always blame your race when you are losing a game. I’m sure many of you have encountered this before
4. Mentally challenged 


Some gamers always refer the newbies/noob players by calling them retards. Eg, You must be a retard. Can’t even play properly. Maybe they are just new to the game. Or well maybe they just suck at it.
5. Multi Language 


We Malaysian gamers only understand bad words from another language. I guess its the same in real world. We tend to use multi languages to curse another player. Everyone suddenly becomes Chinese when playing a game
Let us know more on what you guys have encountered when playing an online game in the comments below.

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