Shit Malaysians who have moved to Australia always get asked

malaysians studying overseas

I moved to Australia when I was 11. I go back to Malaysia every year and get asked these same questions by pretty much everyone I know.

1. So, do you miss the food or not? shit Sherlock. Can you live without your mee goreng for a week?

2. So how much would a roti canai cost?

Me: Around 7 AU$

Friend: Woaaaaahhh! So expensive oneeeee, that means RM21! Malaysia only RM1 lah bro!

Well, thanks captain obvious. Do you feel like bringing your ass to Australia and being my personal roti canai maker?

3. Do you like Malaysia or Australia? 

Why? If I like Malaysia more, are you going to send me a ticket every weekend to come back?

4. So are all your friends white? 

No they’re all black. I like making friends with people who have the same colour as my soul.

5. So when are you coming down to Malaysia again? 

Never, if I have to see your face and answer this question again.

6. Going to work there ah? Coming back to Malaysia for good or not? 

Do you want to kill all the politicians for me? I’ll be back if you do.

7. So how are your studies all going?

Terrible. You want to come sit for my exam next week?

Submitted By: Dezri Chandrasekar

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