Save PAWS Malaysia save our home save our lives, the only home that we have

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Give us a chance to live! We need time to relocate instead of the 14 days eviction notice and move us to another piece of land so PAWS can continue to serve the community and us, the abandoned, dumped, neglected and abused pets and strays.
We need your help to speak up for us, please share this on your status, hashtags the people below who can make a difference in our lives, send the below letter to them on fb or their blog and their twitter account! Let us be heard! We didn’t have much in life but now we’ll have nothing without PAWS. With your voice we’ll have a chance, a glimmer of hope to live. Please help us!
On 10 November, 2014, The Petaling District Land Office issued a notice to PAWS Animal Welfare Society; ordering the society to vacate its Animal Shelter within 14 days. There are currently over 400 dogs and over 200 cats at the Animal Shelter. The 14-day eviction notice came as a shocking surprise to PAWS.
The PAWS Animal Welfare Society, was founded in 1987 by a small group of local and expatriate volunteers. The society depends entirely on the generosity of the public, donations from generous corporations and proceeds from the sale of souvenirs at animal events.

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“The land for the Animal Shelter was originally provided by Sime Plantations Berhad. The eviction notice and certainly the 14 day notice came as a complete shock to us,” said Nicholas Au, the President of PAWS.
“It is disheartening that the authorities did not call PAWS for any prior discussion or at least give PAWS reasonable advance notice of their plans,” added the PAWS President.
“The Animal Shelter provides essential service for the people and animals in the Klang Valley, especially Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam and also assists various local authorities in the control of strays,” the President said.
PAWS does not wish to be in conflict with the authorities but would like to request for the following:
1. New land allocation for PAWS to rebuild its Animal Shelter and continue its work of providing assistance and sanctuary to abandoned, injured and unwanted animals.
2. A reasonable timeline for PAWS to relocate the animals to the new location.
Currently there are three veterinary surgeons and a number of full-time staff at the Animal Shelter. The Animal Shelter is a favourite venue for visiting animal lovers and volunteers.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the following for more details and media enquiries:
1. PAWS Animal Welfare Society Tel: +603 7846 1087
2. PAWS Shelter Manager, Edward 0122127926 or email

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