Saudi Bans Civil Servants From Marrying Non-Saudi Women


Saudi Arabia has reportedly passed a new law that bans the country’s civil servants from marrying non-Saudi Arabian women. The new law consisting of eleven articles has been issued recently by Saudi-Arabia’s Ministry of Interior. 

Under the first article of the new law, Saudi ministers, diplomats and members of the Shura Council, as well as senior officials, including officers and officials holding sensitive posts, are banned from marrying non-Saudi Arabian women

_76771872_mecca1This also includes officials from the armed forces at the Ministry of Defense and Aviation, officers from the National Security Ministry and agents for of the Secret Intelligence Services.

The law also go as far as to ban Saudi Arabian students studying abroad from marrying foreign women if you are a Saudi Arabia citizen. e99acd6e-493e-418b-866c-3f76b66dc178_16x9_600x338

“Permissions to marry foreign women from non-Muslim or non-Arabic countries will be granted, in the necessary cases, only,” the second article says.

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