Robbers in Penang now using taser guns

robbers taze gun malaysia

On Sunday, a 53 year old woman was robbed by two men using a taser gun at Taman Brown in Gelugor at 5am. 

According to City OCPD, Mior Faridlatrash Wahid, the robbers took her identity card, two ATM cards, RM200 and her smartphone which worth a total of about RM2,000. He also said that the victim suffered temporary weakness of the limbs but had recovered and she did not seek medical treatment.

Good news is, police have identified two men in their early 20s as the main suspects in this case. They are believed to be moving around the city on a Honda Dash motorcycle.

“The one who tased the victim was the pillion rider. They approached the victim and greeted her in a friendly manner, before tasing her,” Mior Faridlatrash said.

He also added although only one case had been reported in George Town, a number of cases had been reported in the state. He would not reveal the actual number or where the incidents took place.

He also urged the people to be more careful as the robbers have gone more advanced.

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