RM83.96 Billion CASH Left at an Airport in Russia for 6 Years

cash found in russia airport

RM83.96 Billion is a lot of money! When it comes to that much money all in 100 Euros note and no one claims it for about 6 years..Something is definitely wrong. 

According to sources, it was said that the money could belong to Saddam Hussein or also known as his “secret fortune”, is left unclaimed in a Russian airport since 2007. The massive amount of cash is currently being stored in a highly guarded area located in the airport.

Based on another source, the cash was flown all the way from Frankfurt to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. However, the mystery is there are no recipients for that amount of money. Some were saying that the fortune could belong to Saddam Hussein and some were saying it could belong to a mafia, corrupt official or Muammar Gaddafi.

The documents of the unclaimed cash stated that the money was sent by an Iranian man, Farzin Motlagh 45, who is also WANTED internationally for suspicion of fraud.

the man with the money

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