Richest Dog in China has 8 brand new iPhone 7 all for herself

This dog is richer than you


You know you life is shit when a dog is richer than you. 

China’s richest dog, Coco has recently become the owner of 8 new iPhone 7 after being spooled by her owner, Wang Sicong, the son of China’s richest billionaire.


When the Apple Watch came out last year, Coco was spotted wearing them on it’s paws. Not one but 2!!!


Photos of the iPhones were uploaded to Weibo on September 16, the first day the iPhones became available in China. Each iPhone 7 reportedly retails for over $1,000 in China


These pictures have been widely shared in the Chinese media.

Some people said the dog was cute while others hoped Wang Sicong could give them a free iPhone 7 too.

One Weibo user named ‘M mi jia’ said: ‘[The dog] is so cute.’

While another user called ‘wo shi lao duan zi’ said: ‘Does the dog plan to host a lucky draw?’

Some people were envious of the dog’s fortune, such as ‘Free liu te’ who said: ‘Coco is richer than me!’

‘Zha lao ban’ wasn’t impressed as the user commented: ‘I can’t even live as well as a dog.’

Wang uploaded the photos with the caption: “Not sure what people are showing off on Moments (a Chinese social media platform)! There is nothing to show off. I was forced to take action.”

Coco’s eccentric owner Wang Sicong, 28, was educated at Winchester College and is already worth £430 million.


Wang Sicong’s father, Wang Jianlin is currently the richest man in China with a net worth of $30 billion

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